Connecting People

As the world of Internet Marketing and E-commerce evolves.

Here at Enquote Marketing we believe that the fundamentals of marketing are timeless and remain relevant today - Connecting the right people of the right product or offer.

Our business model is based simply on discovering the right people, (through Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media), the right products or offers (through CPA Networks and monitoring Internet Traffic Trends) and bringing them together through our proven expertise in Internet Marketing and driving traffic.

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Market Trends

Yahoo Buzz, Google Trends and Lucos 50 are just some of the tools we use in our search for the next traffic trend and marketing opportunity.

Once we identify a trend, we will work with our partners to identify relevant CPR offers to take advantage of this potential traffic

Targeted Traffic

Using PPC Traffic from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, we will quickly send highly-targeted traffic to our clients, using our expertise in choosing the most relevant Keywords.

Our experience in PPC advertising also enables us to achieve cheaper COsts PerClick that many of our competitors, through higher Quality Scores based on well designed landing pages.